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We've eliminated sharp edges for safety and ergonomics.

More ergonomics means closer to the user? Definitely yes. That’s why when looking at the wooden step in the pilot ladder, one can imagine that the step should always be in the right place.

Our wooden step of the pilot ladder has undergone 40 years of evolution, always produced in our carpentry shop, and combines several required features: a rough surface where slipping only occurs after crossing 37 steps. Supported by a deep specially designed anti-slip profile complements the stability feature. Moderate lightness and appropriate wood density provided by Polish beech. We season the wood and bring it to 9 degrees of humidity. And finally, the ergonomics that distinguish our step in a special way. All edges are rounded. Even if the pilot’s foot slips, it will not be injured by encountering a sharp edge – because such an edge is not found on our step.

For us, ergonomics also mean increased safety. This is how concern for the pilot manifests, concern for his daily work when risking his life climbing onto the ship’s hull using our pilot ladders, we are sure that the step produced for so many years is perfected in every aspect.

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