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ISO 799-1: 2019 (E) standards for Pilot Ladder, ISO 5489: 2008 (E) for Embarkation ladder

All Standards are based on the requirements of the Sea Safety and Life Convention – SOLAS

Pilot ladders are intended for a pilot boarding a ship – from the deck of the pilot boat to the deck of the ship.

The main feature is the use of 4 rubber steps in the lower part of the ladders, which absorb the impact of the pilot on the ladder.

The greater weight of the rubber steps stabilizes the ladder vertically. In addition, the ladder is equipped with strut steps to prevent it from twisting on the side.

The embarkation ladder is used to board the ship’s crew onto a life raft or a lifeboat. It does not have strut steps and rubber steps. Depending on the size of the ship, several ladders are used on each side / minimum two.

Only first class 20mm 3 Strand manila ropes with 24 kN strength. Hard wood steps with anti-slip surface with all edges rounded.

Mechanical clamp system – aluminum clamp and manual binding system – sesing system.

It depends on the size of the vessel, but the most standard and universal length is: Pilot Ladder – 9 mtr. Each ladder can be equipped with ropes extending its length, without steps, which allows the pilot to enter the side gangway – aluminum.

The length of the embarkation ladder depends on the height of the ship’s side.

Within 30 months of installation on board, the ladder must be inspected and tested to check the strength of the ropes and step fasteners using a load of 880 kN per step. The tests are performed by the manufacturer or the authorized research station.

If the ropes are worn, thimbles heavily corroded, steps cracked, fasteners are loose – replace the ladder with a new one. Up to two steps in the ladder can be replaced.

In a 40 ft Hq container we can fit 61-63 pcs. Pilot Ladder and Embarakation ladder of different lengths

Express deliveries overnight are possible because we have a stock of all components and an appropriate team of experienced employees.

We pack the ladders on pallets with the order marking and a set of certificates attached. The ladders are packed in covers.

We have prepared a price list depending on the length of the ladder. The valuation is for each meter of length, taking into account the higher price for the first meter. which includes the cost of the rubber steps, thimble and upper straps on the lifting ropes.

We renew the certificates every 5 years, every year there is an audit by the DNV-GL inspector, we keep a quality book and quality system procedures.

However, if we produce a ladder on the last day of validity of our certificate, the validity of such a certificate for the ladder will continue until the ladder is worn out.

Distinguishing features with solutions advantage,

– Perfectly tightened albumin clamp without gaps that does not cut the rope fibers with rounded edges.

– Plastick chocks fluorescent in Yellow Green

– First class manila ropes only

– Special anti-slip profile in wooden steps

– Ergonomic shape and profiling of the steps

– Damaged steps can be replaced

– Covers on each ladder for transport and storage on board included in the price of the ladder

– Competitive price

– Fast – express delivery to the ship’s side

– Container shipping to many continents

– MED certificates. DNV — GL

– Answers to inquiries 24 hours a day

You can buy them directly from Poland, as well as through the constantly expanding network of 22 distributors. You can find our products on 5 continents. Express air deliveries to every corner of the world are also possible.

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