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The compactness of the rope increases the stiffness of the ladders.

Abacá – a type of banana plant – from which the fibers of the leaves are used to make manila rope, thrives best in Manila. It is precisely from there that we buy rope straight from two producers. Always first-class quality – although the producers also offer second and third class, which are significantly cheaper.

What characterizes first-class rope is its high stiffness, with tightly wound strands where nothing can be inserted between them. Only a few protruding and sticking-out fibers are visible on its surface. The rope is naturally saturated with abaca’s natural oils.

On the other hand, the characteristic of second-class rope is often much looser. It’s easier to unravel them and easier to insert something between their strands. There are many protruding fibers.

As a result of using first-class rope, we obtain a rigid Pilot ladder, resistant to lateral swaying, and consequently, we get a stable Pilot ladder that can be climbed onto the ship’s hull by Pilot.

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