Scramble net

The net is used to pick up the survivors who, while swimming in a horizontal position, are led into the submerged part of the net, so that the bottom bar with floats allows the survivor to be pulled up with auxiliary ropes.

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The rescue action is performed by several people:
– The lifeguard descends the net bars to the waterline and guides the survivor into the net in a horizontal position, or if the situation allows it, helps the survivor to board by securing him.

If it is necessary to pull the survivor in a horizontal position, 4 people can pull them in and each has 1 auxiliary rope at their disposal.

The survivor may be led to the net by an additional rescue unit / pontoon /

The strength of the net allows up to 3 people to stay on it at the same time.

The net is made of 20 mm fiberglass rods and 50 mm double-folded carrying straps with stitched pockets for inserting the rods.

The upper part of the tapes is released 400m with 8mm and 50mm wide triangular links attached. We suggest mounting a carabiner with a diameter of 8 mm to the links to facilitate the fastening of the net and to change the position of the shackle rotation axis in the holder vertically positioned in the inner part of the bulwark.

Floats in the lower rod are placed so that, after the net is folded into a coil, they do not collide with the upper floats, used to distance the net from the side.
The mesh bars are attached to the belts with stainless rivets with washers, preventing the bars from turning

The net is stored in a canvas cover made as a tube closed with Velcro.

During the voyage of the vessel, the net should be suspended on two straps attached to the shackles at the bulwark through carabiners. The carrying straps release the cover with the net after unfastening the straps. After taking it out of the cover, the net is fastened with all five straps – tapes – to 5 shackles at the bulwark and thrown outside the ship’s side during the rescue operation.