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You will see the side of pilot ladder in bad weather and even at night.

During the last meeting of the Polish maritime pilots association, Drewil Entership conducted a survey in which many questions concerned increasing safety during the pilot’s boarding onto the ship via the pilot ladder. One of the raised issues was the visibility of the pilot ladder and embarkation ladder. The survey demonstrated that this is one of the most crucial elements highlighted by pilots as one to focus on.

In 2007, Drewil Entership introduced plastic wedges and an aluminum clamping system for use in pilot ladders and embarkation ladders. We chose a highly visible dye for the securing and stabilizing wedge.

When the color, along with the material, passed tests and was showcased at the SMM trade fair in Hamburg, it was met with significant approval. Moreover, after two to three years, several Asian manufacturers started using a similar color, which we consider confirmation that it was a good choice.

Considering safety, the visibility of the pilot ladder and embarkation ladder is paramount. Thanks to it, the pilot ladder is clearly visible against the ship’s hull. It’s visible during inclement weather and even at night. We know that in terms of pilot ladder side visibility, we’ve taken one step further, allowing pilots to spot the ladder more quickly in adverse weather conditions.

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