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The special profile of the clamp does not cut the side ropes.

In the clamping system monitoring the steps, there are two types of connectors:
one in the shape of the letter H,
and the other in the shape of the number eight.

In our product, we use an H-type connector, which we designed from scratch to be perfect. It stands out compared to those available worldwide because it can be closed on the lines for pilot ladders so that its shape completely closes. As a result, there are no gaps between the closing edges. This prevents the rope from protruding through the gaps and thus avoids additional vertical abrasion.

We have seen cases of rope breakage due to gaps between the edges of the connector. This does not occur with ours. A pilot ladder made using our proprietary connectors is more resistant to tearing at points where the rope meets the connectors, making it safer – and this directly affects the safety of the ship pilot’s work.

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