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Pilot ladder A type
(with securing rope)
all significant features does
Safety by Quality

Pilot ladder A type
Now even safer and more comfortable pilot ladder becouse of:
Bright green chocks for enhanced visibility in all conditions.
Rounded step edges for safety and comfort.
Only first-class manila rope for increased stiffness.
Clamps with no gaps to prevent cutting of side ropes.

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New high-quality Pilot ladder A type ensure maximum safety and comfort thanks to the use of:

– Proudly anounce that we open new warehouse and now you can buy Pilot ladder in Singapore
– Pilot ladder A type (with extended/tied down rope)
– 20 mm manila ropes, first class only, with a strength exceeding 24 kN,
– steps made of hard wood, first class only, with ergonomic shapes, all rounded edges and a specially designed anti-slip surface
– plastic chocks made of yellow-green fluorescent material for good visibility of ladders during the day and at night
damaged steps can be easily replaced without replacing the aluminum clamps- ladder includes: hardwood steps, spreader steps, rubber steps,
– compliance with ISO 799-1:2019 (E), SOLAS
– MED, DNV approved
– easy acces to ladder via: Pilot ladder Singapore

pilot ladder in Singapore clamps without gaps

Drewil Entership is a manufacturer of the highest quality pilot ladder A type for ships.

Our production is located in Poland. That is why we have all the technology in one place. Thanks to this, we can constantly develop it and monitor the top quality of our pilot ladder or even pilot ladder in Singapore.


We deliver directly to ports in the Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Denmark,  The Netherlands.
We have warehouse in port of Singapore.
Our ladders are available from our distributors in the ports of: Dubai, Canada–Montreal, Namibia, South Africa, Spain, Gibraltar, Scandinavian ports.
Sumarize: Avaiable in 22 countries.
Our partners in logistics are:
Here you can check Diemnsions and Weights of ladders:


Maritime Equipment Directive, DNV, IMO Solas, Whelemark

Pilot ladder A type compilant with: DNV - logo - Marine Equipment Directive - MED Pilot ladder A type compilant with: IMO SOLAS - Logo Pilot ladder A type compilant with: Whellemark No.0575 - logo

Additional info:

We have selected this product as a separate one in our portfolio. While many of you are looking for ship products with specyfy that it is A type. However in the catalog you will find the entire portfolio in all available lengths, including those that we have in this product. However, in this item we only have selected pilot ladder A type products.

In this Case this segregation of products allows for faster product matching to ship inquiries.
The pilot ladder A type, includes a securing rope. This product is also called pilot ladder type A. If you need a different length of extension or a different type of extension, please visit the catalog to make the appropriate choice.

Pilot ladder A type is packed in a protective cover for transport and storage.

We also recommend purchasing dedicated covers. Because that will provide additional protection for the ladder and extend its good condition.
It is important to use the ladder in accordance with the instructions and current regulations.
You will find the instructions in the Downloads catalog – which is available only to registered customers.

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