Collision mat Safety by Quality
made in Drewil Entership

The mat is designed to cover and seal breaches regardless of their configuration, providing a temporary but effective solution to prevent further water ingress. The outer cover of the mat is made from a treated to resist water penetration.

Hairy collision mat made by Drewil Entership means
Safety by Quality

A hairy collision mat is utilized to seal underwater breaches or holes in any section of the ship, no matter the extent of the damage. This collision mat is the sturdiest among all collision mats available. Its structure includes wire rope armor and a leech rope, both designed to withstand pressure. The outer cover of the patch is crafted from specialized marine-grade boiled canvas, treated to resist water penetration. The armored layer prevents the canvas from being pushed into the breach by the force of the water. Size: 2×2 m.

Day shapes Ball, Cone, Cylinder, Diamond made by Drewil Entership

Day shapes are a set of signaling devices used by vessels during daylight hours to convey important information about their status, activities, or intentions to other vessels nearby.
The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGs) define specific day shapes and their meanings to help standardize communication between vessels. Some common day shapes include:
Ball: A black sphere displayed above the vessel’s mast indicates that the vessel is anchored.
Cone: An upright black cone points upward to signal that the vessel is engaged in mine clearance operations.
Cylinder: A black cylinder displayed above the vessel’s mast indicates that the vessel is restricted in its ability to maneuver, such as when towing or navigating through a narrow channel.
Diamond: A black diamond shape signals that the vessel is engaged in diving operations.


A ship fender is a protective device mounted on the sides of a ship to absorb and distribute the impact forces during docking or berthing operations. They are designed to provide a cushioning effect between the ship’s hull and the dock or another vessel, reducing the risk of damage to both. They play a crucial role in ensuring safe and e􀄕icient maritime operations by minimizing the risk of structural damage to ships and port infrastructure.

Heaving line
also known as
a throw line or a throw rope

A heaving line is a specialized rope or line typically used for throwing or tossing between two points, such as from a ship to a dock or between vessels. It’s designed to be lightweight and easy to handle, with a weighted end to aid in throwing. Heaving lines are crucial for tasks like mooring, towing, or rescue operations, allowing for the transfer of heavier lines or cables between locations with accuracy and precision.
Made of braided polypropylene rope with a diameter of 6 mm. The bag is crafted from waterproof canvas material and filled with sand.

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